A basic guide to home safety tips

by Lisa DeFreitas 03/05/2023

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Homes are places often associated with safety and comfort. However, it’s still essential to remain vigilant and be aware of ways to keep your home secure and protected. With some best practices for home safety, you can feel more secure and confident in your own home.

Guarding against intruders

Thousands of cases of home invasions are recorded yearly. However, rest assured, there are ways to protect your home from unwanted guests. Consider installing a home alarm system. It can alert you of unusual activity on your premises. 

A home security system may come with cameras, motion sensors and smart locks. You can cater your package to your needs. 

Work-from-home safety tips

While working from home, it can be easy to get wrapped up in multitasking work duties with home duties. For example, you may be working from home and decide to cook. Installing smoke detectors is a great way to be alerted if something stars burning. 

Many smoke alarms will also alert you in carbon monoxide is present in the area. Also consider purchasing a fire extinguisher. This way, if a small fire breaks out, you can quickly and safely put it out before it spreads. 

Safety hazards to watch for around the house

If you have kids or pets, watch out for sharp objects. Cover sharp corners to reduce the risk of accidental injury. Make sure all electrical cords are stored away and unreachable. 

Home safety may seem tedious, but is well worth it. By adding extra security, prepping for potential dangers and planning ahead, you can keep your household safe. 

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